We are the largest wholesale power equipment distributor in the St. Paul region, and our industry experience combined with our service make us industry leaders. Whether you need cement mixers, air compressors, or hedge trimmers, our organization ensures that you get quality equipment for your retail operation. We carry the newest and most dependable brands to keep your business competitive, and we offer competitive finance options.

Best Brands

  • Husqvarna
  • McLane
  • RedMax
  • Zama

We have thousands of vendors with whom we’ve developed good relationships. As a result, our products are reasonably priced and quality assured. We also have great networking capabilities, so if we don’t already carry a brand you are seeking, we can make it happen. Talk with our associates.

Best Prices

As previously stated, we offer competitive finance options, and we work hard to develop good relationships with our vendors. As a result, our prices are LOW. Interest rates for the 2016 year were 1.7%. Bringing value to our customers is our number one priority!

Best Service

Five years ago, our organization expanded its services to offer repair services and our own product warranties. Your customers can now opt to have their products repaired through our certified technicians rather than dealing with vague warranties that often do no fix or replace equipment without “an act of congress.” Our service allows you to offer your customers premium services at a discounted rate.

Best Selection

Not only do we carry thousands of brands, but we are a very large power equipment wholesaler, which means we carry a large variety of products. Yard equipment, construction equipment, restaurant equipment. You name the industry, and we are likely to carry something for it. Time has only grown our selection, and our inventory on-hand at any given time is impressive. We also have many items on “super discounts” in order to clear room for more inventory. Ask an associate if you are interested in viewing our super discount area.

St. Paul has never had a wholesale power equipment wholesaler that could beat our brands, prices, service, and selection. Owner Michael Sharp works sometimes around the clock to keep it that way. He is constantly searching for innovation in his organization in order to ensure quality and quantity for his customers, but he also wants to provide invaluable service that creates repeat customers.

┬áIf you’d like to contact Michael Sharp or get in touch with an associate, please use this Email.