Ultrasonic cleaners have been around since the 1950’s and are fantastic for quick and gentle cleansing. These versatile machines can be used to break away grime from the most delicate of objects, as well as, work through tough grease on tools and vehicle parts. This interesting process involves running high frequency waves through water, or a special solvent, to create agitation. The agitation in the water is what causes the removal of dirt and mess from the items placed inside them. If you’re a jeweler, watchmaker, homeowner or mechanic, you’ll find great use of these machines. However, make sure not to put anything porous inside of the solvent, as ultrasonic cleaners are not sterilizers. Bacteria can still live on anything absorbent and it’d be wise to sterilize after the cleaning process. Even medical practices will use ultrasonic cleaners as a way of cleaning medical tools. Of course, like previously stated, they will follow up with their sterilizing process either before or after.

There might be a learning curve to the buying process, as there are many brands and kinds to choose from. Asses what you’ll use it for the most and go from there. Branson ultrasonic cleaners┬áhave been around for 60 years, bringing innovation and a new quality standard to the industry. If you’re already learned on how these machines work and are simply trying to find the best product, you should definitely check them out first.


With the frequency of the waves and the bubble in the solvent popping at such a high rate, the pressure is able to scrub away contaminants from all sorts of different object. It is for this reason that this kind of cleaning has become so popular, both in homes and in businesses.

Solutions To Use

Depending on the item you’re wanting to clean, you can change the solution inside. Specially made solutions can be purchased. You can also use plain water or create one yourself. If you decide to make your own, run the machine for a few minutes with nothing in it, giving the solution a chance to mix properly.

Tip: You want to be aware of what it is you’re cleaning because certain PH levels can damage softer metals, like aluminum for example. Getting off oil and light grease from an object will require a high PH alkaline liquid but that’s not always the case. For other metals like steel, rusting is something to avoid. Making sure the solution you’re using has rust inhibitors in them will save these items from producing rust.


The benefits of using an ultrasonic cleaner far outweigh the cons and are easy to use and fairly inexpensive. Because of their gentleness, using them for jewelry or delicate items is completely okay and actually encouraged. They’ll save you time and energy from having to scrub away grime that refuses to wash off, while providing a like-new shine! So, if you’ve been struggling to maintain your watch collection, preserve coins and expensive tools, this machine is definitely for you.